The Art of Inner Combat - The Way of the Integrated Fist

WeiKunDo 100xWei Kuen Do is a martial art developed by Grandmaster Leo Fong. After over 50 years of practice in various forms of martial arts, Grandmaster Fong has synthesized life experiences into one single approach in combat and in the totality of life. Wei Kuen Do finds its roots in Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Angel Cabales' Serrada Escrima, and Western Boxing of which Grandmaster Fong was an Amateur and College Champion, also adding his mastery in Choy Lay Fut, Sil Lum Kung fu, and Wing Chun Kung fu. He has taken from each art the most practical for reality fighting and integrated into his approach which he called Wei Kuen Do.

Wei Kuen Do is divided into four stages of growth and progress:

    Developing the Tools.
    Refining the Tools.
    Dissolving the Tools.
    Expressing the Tools.

     The ultimate focus in WKD is to strive to reach a spiritual and Zen state whereby you can express all physical and technical skills like a "voice and an echo." Wei Kuen Do is best described as an experience rather than a system or style. The highest form of fighting is when you reach a spiritual or Zen state. All great masters such as Morihei Ueshiba - founder of Aikido, Jigoro Kano - of Judo and Gichin Funakoshi of Karate, had reached a spiritual dimension and Zen state in their martial arts journey. Ueshiba, once said to the effect in reference to an attacker, "I just move my mind." The great Master had reached that mental state where he could control a negative situation with his inner being rather than physical skills alone. The highest level of proficiency is to reach a state of "effortless efficiency", fighting without fighting, going from no form to "no form."
     Leo Fong credits his association with Bruce Lee for much of his insight into the conceptual aspect of the martial arts. He gives total credit to his understanding of Jesus Christ for his tremendous inner growth. When I discovered the connection between Christology and Wei Kuen Do, it was than I realized Jesus Christ was the greatest Martial Artist in the history of the arts. Martial arts proficiency must be developed from the inside out, it must have a Spiritual root, or else the physical techniques will only be superficial without depth of power and penetration. The most damaging and destructive techniques are delivered with emotional content, right on the target without effort.

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Lear's Martial Arts Academy is now recognized as an official Wei Kuen Do school certified under Leo Fong. One of only three in the world! We provide training to anyone wanting to learn WKD and Chi Fung in the Midwest. Thank you Leo Fong for this opportunity!

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